Mulkey Melodies is an exciting learning experience for students in grades 3rd-5th to sharpen their singing skills.  We meet as a group every Tuesday and Thursday morning. There are many opportunities to train your voice, sing in multiple parts and just have a lot of fun! It has been said that singing improves the social emotional parts of the brain and helps improve mental alertness, so why not start the day off singing? It will help jump start your day in a proactive way!


Sponsor: Jamelle Daniels

choir members

Congratulations to our new Mulkey Melodies choir members!


Amelia Roney
Paige Johnson
Lauren Hill
Kennedy Perry
McKinze Simon
Elishua Coleman
Braylee Lett
Olivia Childs
Millie Seay
Liam Raschke
Evelynn White
Lily Bryan Eaves
Aubree Light
Lucy Frilot
Ava Kelly
Jordan Abousoud
Anne Marie Romeo
Ny'rell Scarver
Taylin Thompson
Adalyn Gilmore
Jack Danley
Bradlee Hall
Sophia Roney
Elizabeth Miller
Emily Wise
Annie Precise
Ethan Chappius
Bayleigh Browning
Alaya Bauer
Emmalina RIvera
Lily Faircloth
Jase Tucker
Kara Curry
Blakely Crews
Hattie Tindol
Kinley Commander
Charlee Hayes
Braxton Wright
Claire Precise
Amber Hacker
Emma Hetterling
Keirston Hughes